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Summer Tour? Summer Tour!

Holy crap, we’re about to have a busy summer! We’ll be adding even more shows to this list before it’s all said and done.

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Upcoming Shows


Our summertime dance card is filling up nicely!

• June 8th – Pulp (Asheville, NC) with Mystery Cult

• June 29th – Southern Appalachian Brewery (Hendersonville, NC)

• July 13th – The Buccaneer (Memphis, TN)

• July 27th – Drunken Unicorn (Atlanta, GA) with Wet Rainbow


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August 30, 2011 Leave a comment

This weekend, we’re playing the biggest show yet in the short history of Albatross Party, and we’d love to see you there!

Asheville is a town chock full of festivals, and in our humble opinion, LAAFF is the best. And this year, we get to play it! We’ll be performing on the Mounatin Xpress Walnut Stage (corner of Walnut St. and Lexington Ave., near Scully’s and the Lexington Avenue Brewery) at 5:30pm sharp.

As an added bonus, Tiziana will be playing a solo set at Jenny Juice’s Songwriter’s Lounge, in the Brownstone Courtyard behind Scully’s, from 3-4pm.

We hope to see all of your beautiful faces there!

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The Mountain Xpress & Rapid River Reviews

August 10, 2011 Leave a comment

 We have a couple of fresh reviews to present to you!

In the August 10th issue of the Mountain Xpress, writer Joe Chapman makes some connections we’ve secretly known about for some time (i.e. our prog-rock tendencies), and one that no one has ever made:

Albatross Party isn’t a band that immediately identifies itself as progressive rock, but with polyrhythms, alternating meters and the type of frantic tom fills that Neil Peart dreams of, Glass has a lot of Rush Permanent Waves-era flavor. The opening track, “Fall” follows the adrenaline-fueled collapse of a relationship: “You were my first love,” sings vocalist, keyboard player and Geddy Lee-counterpart Tiziana Severse. When the bass hits a riff during the song’s anthemic chorus, you have no choice but to raise a single fist in the air and bob your head. Unfortunately, headphone-listeners might be miffed by the song’s mix: “Fall” sticks out from the rest of the album as washed-out, with the drums suffering from a robotic sound, like they were either recorded on an electric drum kit and perfectly quantized or just mastered completely flat. The dynamics are lost somewhere in the lossy compression or lack of humanization.

If you don’t mind, it’s worth sticking out. “The Alchemist” brings in a more coherent Omar Rodriguez sound with a trebly bass, bongo drums and the percussive pop of a cowbell. The song showcases the musicianship of Albatross Party with varying time signatures and adventurous guitar solos that work their way up and down the fretboard. The bass’ funky midrange slowly ducks behind the drums and guitar and returns in time for one final series of time signature changes. Albatross Party probably prefers to avoid the progressive rock label and its stigma (for the same reason jam bands don’t like being called jam bands), but what they’re doing is inherently progressive. Rarely does a band find a balance between musicianship, compositional intricacy and accessible songwriting. If you’re looking for a theme song to your summer, look no further than Glass.

Tiziana has been compared to a lot of singers in the past, but Geddy Lee? That’s a new one. And I, for one, LOVE IT. I’m heading out immediately, to buy her a vest, a pair of John Lennon glasses, and some poutine.

James Cassara, music writer for Rapid River Magazine, was kind enough to do not only a review, but an interview with Tiziana, as well. We’ll leave you to your own devices, as far as finding the interview goes. Or maybe, we’ll save it for another time. Either way, here’s the review:

From the opening helter skelter guitar/piano drive of “Fall” to the closing dreamscape of “Rocketship,” this sophomore album is a stunning revelation of just how ripe the musical talent in our fair town is. Here’s a band that comes out of seemingly nowhere, has been together for a relatively short time and played only a handful of gigs, and yet I’ll stack Glass against any of the multiple of discs that come across my desk each month.Despite its six song brevity (or just as likely because of it) Glass packs an amazing wallop, like a prize fighter who knows when to feint and when to let loose with his best shot. The album overflows with tasteful touches, bright nuances that give every indication of a band that is only scratching the surface of their potential. Witness the middle eight thump of Andy Bishop’s bass in “Fall” or the searing violin break of the stunning “Sea Shanty”. Such moments are judiciously placed, beautifully played, and wildly effective. I’ve given Glass six or seven plays in just a few days – a rarity given the amount of music I receive – and it gets better with every listen.There are a small number of caveats: I’d love to see lyricist Tiziana Severse write fewer phrases and more extended sentences, but that’s likely nothing more than a matter of my own tastes. I’ve long considered Wayne Robbins and the Hellsayers as the most consistently intriguing band in Asheville, but, based on this release, those gents have some serious competition. And we who love music are the big winners.

Thank you to James Cassara, Joe Chapman, and Brent Fleury for the reviews of our latest effort. And for those of you who are reading these reviews, but still don’t have a copy of Glass to call you own, you’re now officially out of excuses. Not only is the physical copy of Glass now available worldwide on CDBaby, the digital version is now available on damn near every digital music store in creation, all over the world. So please, support our efforts. Buy our album.

Don’t have any money? Nevermind the fact that you’re on the internet, and internet access costs money, as do computers. Let’s pretend you don’t have any money. Okay? Good. Now, go to our Facebook page, or our SoundCloud page. You can listen to both of our albums, in their entirety, on these sites. See? No more excuses. Even if you can’t buy it, you can at least listen to it.

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You can now buy our latest album on iTunes for just six dollars! Click here to head to the iTunes Store. FYI, if you enjoyed the album, it wouldn’t hurt our feelings if you reviewed the album on iTunes. Just saying. Want to buy our music, but don’t want to buy it from iTunes? Never fear! Here’s a short list of all of the places where you can buy the album. Buy a copy from each, and I will personally bake you a pie.



Rhapsody (coming soon)

eMusic (coming soon)

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You can now buy our latest album on iTunes for just six dollars! Click here to head to the iTunes Store.

FYI, if you enjoyed the album, it wouldn’t hurt our feelings if you reviewed the album on iTunes. Just saying.

Want to buy our music, but don’t want to buy it from iTunes? Never fear! Here’s a short list of all of the places where you can buy the album. Buy a copy from each, and I will personally bake you a pie.







Rhapsody (coming soon)

eMusic (coming soon)

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The Bold Life review

UPDATE: Glass is now available for purchase online, at CDBaby. More stores to come in the coming weeks.

As with our first album, Brent Fleury of Bold Life Magazine was kind enough to write a review of Glass. Below is the text of the review, borrowed from the Bold Life website. If you’d like, you can see it in context here.

The main article and the cover of this month’s Bold Life also happen to be Albatross Party related, as well. Click here to check out a story about Tiziana’s other musical project, an accordion ensemble led by her friend and accordion instructor, August Hoerr.

And now, the review!

As with their 2009, self-titled release, Albatross Party continues to explore, interpret and manipulate a wide variety of musical inspirations and influences within a pop/rock blueprint in a way that I’ve heard few others do. Their knack for doing something truly original in a genre known for redundancy and cannibalism (long live rock, anyway!) is unfaltering and impressive.

In a way, Glass strikes me as a more overall rockin’ album than their first — evident even on the slower “After The Funeral,” a hauntingly beautiful song, made more so by Tiziana Severse’s always-impressive and ever-expanding vocal prowess. Even the sweet-as-molasses “Rocketship” ends on an excellent head-bobbing crescendo. Guitarist Brent Baldwin is as diverse as ever, crafting wildly unpredictable solos that make you sit up and take notice. Indeed, song after song, I found myself thinking the same two things — “I wasn’t expecting that!” and “How did he even think of that?” Andy Bishop and Greg Latham are a wonderfully locked in rhythm section, and Bishop really needs to tell me how he gets that tone on his bass guitar! It sneaks in between everything else with a nice, powerful funk, really putting the icing on the cake. Clocking in at only 28 minutes, Glass is a bit of a tease. I sure could have used more, but I guess I can settle for twice as many repeated listenings! As with their last album, I’m putting it into my iPod right away.

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Glass, Two Weeks Later

It’s been two weeks since we released our second album, Glass. To those of you that have bought a copy of the album, we salute you. It can be a scary, putting one’s art out into the world. We’re a all-in-one shop, of sorts. We play the music, record the music, and make the albums ourselves. We’re pretty fortunate, in that regard. But it can get stressful, especially towards the end of the process of releasing the album.

Fortunately for us, you’ve all been so freaking nice to us through all of it. The positive response we’ve received, and the kind words from our friends, family and fans have really made the whole process worthwhile. So again, thanks.

We’re currently taking a much needed break, but we’ll be playing shows again soon (i.e. July). So, until then, if you would like to buy a physical copy of the album, there are currently two places to do that. Head over to Harvest Records, in West Asheville, or Jongo Java, on Main Street in Hendersonville, and grab a copy to call your own!

If you’re waiting for the digital version of the album to come out on iTunes and Amazon and such, your wait will be over soon (it’s processing).

Two more things. First, here is the cover of our latest album, Glass. Perfect for importing into the digital music player of your choice.

And here is a scan of the first review, from this month’s Bold Life Magazine. They’ll post it on their website soon, I’m sure. But we couldn’t wait to show it to you. But be sure to pick up a copy, if you can. You can’t miss it. It’s the free magazine with a bunch of accordion players on the cover (one of whom you might recognize…)

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Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!

Come to The Get Down in West Asheville totonight! It’s our CD release party! The show starts at 9:30, with our dear friends The Judas Horse.

Five bucks gets you into the show. Ten bucks get you in with a copy of the album to call your own.


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The Sea Shanty

March 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Here is the second of the preview tracks from our upcoming album. This little number is called The Sea Shanty, and on it we are joined by a super special guest! Our dear friend Meg Mulhearn, violinist for U.S. Christmas and The Judas Horse, graciously donated her time and prodigious talents to two of the songs on our upcoming record. This is one of them. To hear the other one, as well as the rest of the tracks on the album, come by The Get Down on June 11th, for our CD Release Party!

In the meantime, please enjoy The Sea Shanty.

02 The Sea Shanty

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