Albatross Party is a four-piece independent rock band based out of Asheville, North Carolina.

The current lineup is as follows:

Tiziana Severse is our lead singer. She plays the piano and the accordion. She writes all of our lyrics, and a good portion of our music. She also writes a webcomic called Hair and Therapy.




Andy Bishop is our bass player. He is also an accomplished recording engineer, and is therefore the man in charge of the sound of our band.

Brent Baldwin plays guitars and the  trombone. By day, he is an illustrator, graphic designer, and screenprinter. He draws and prints (with Tiziana’s help) all of the art for our band’s albums and posters, as well as Tiziana’s webcomic.

Greg Latham is the newest (and youngest) member of Albatross Party. He plays the drums.


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